I am a Therapist who helps women with Eating Disorders

Alynne Davis Therapist & Coach
Alynne Davis Therapist & Coach

As an Eating Disorder Therapist, I can help you reach lasting recovery

Eating disorders are deadly serious. Eating disorders are one of the hardest issues to overcome in the mental health field but there is real lasting recovery!

Whether you’re curious if you have a problem, have been fighting & failing for years, or here on behalf of someone else, let’s talk now.

I’m not your typical talk therapist who just sits there nodding her head and asking how that makes you feel.

I’m also not an unlicensed therapist parading around as a coach promoting the magic secret to eating disorder recovery.

I am specialized therapist in long term eating disorder recovery for women and teens with over a decade of experience.

We work together on a plan with achievable results that fits your life with an entire treatment team for long term support.

Eating Disorder Therapist in North Carolina

I offer in-person therapy in Charlotte, NC
I also offer tele-health online therapy in North Carolina.

Eating disorders can show up in many different disguises. These are all areas I have experience in treating. Let’s talk to see how I can help YOU with your eating disorders.

✓ Anorexia Nervosa
✓ Binge Eating
✓ Body Dysmorphia
✓ Bulimia Nervosa
✓ Dietary Restraints

✓ Emotional Eating
✓ Fat Phobia
✓ Fear of Certain Foods
✓ Health at Every Size
✓ High Risk Factors
✓ Over Exercise

My eating disorder services include:

  • Assessments and testing
  • Individual, family, and group therapy as needed
  • Dietary, nutrition, and meal support
  • Referrals & recommendations to additional services as needed

The best way to begin working with me is reach out directly. I will always take a moment to listen to what’s going on and point you in the right direction, even if that isn’t directly working with me because I want to help!

You may call me or text me at (704) 765-2480 OR scroll down and complete the form for a complimentary 30 minute consultation.