Alynne Davis is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC) who has over 6 years of professional counseling experience working with multiple populations including eating disorders, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders-including postpartum, substance abuse, marital issues, parenting, grief, adjustment, and trauma.  She has experience working with eating disorders at the outpatient, intensive outpatient, and partial hospitalization level of cares.  She is a certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Systems of Care.  She is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Enhanced. She is also a MARI practitioner (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument) and Expressive Arts Therapist.  She has presented in the community about body image issues, social media myths, self-compassion, empowerment, and resiliency.  She integrates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with person centered, humanistic and narrative approaches. 

The work is not for me to do, it is only for me to guide you gently, compassionately, and mindfully down the path toward the discovery of the authentic, whole, and fully identified self. My approach to the work as an expressive arts therapist and coach is informed by non-judgment, unconditional positive regard, and respect, and through the lens of the perfectly imperfect human!

I myself have had to do the work that I ask my clients to engage in and continue to do as well since I believe we are all a work in progress and in recovery from something. It took years of my own journey of healing and self-discovery to be able to offer a container to others that feel s safe and open to explore their feelings and process to answer the two questions really we all need to have the answers to; What do I need? And how do I best take care of myself?

I am an artist and creative that spent the first 17 years of my adult life as a master hair stylist and colorist. So creating has been a source of grounding, healing, and discovery most of my life that helped me to connect to my soul in a way that nothing else has been able to. As a teen I struggled with anxiety and depression, but when I painted, drew, wrote poetry, danced, acted in theater, or sang all of those things would fade away. When I found expressive arts later in my adult life it transformed and healed me in ways that I had never experienced before.

This discovery was in my training at Lesley University which I attended in Cambridge, MA the summer of 2013. I had sought a program for art therapy, but as the school interviewed me for my application they suggested the expressive arts therapy specialization along with the clinical mental health due to my background in all the arts. As I attended the three-year program I was gifted with indescribable insights and healing I never expected or can even fully explain.

Now I am an expressive arts therapist that has my license in mental health counseling that uses this to inform my coaching. It is my joy to share with others as their partner and friend in their inner healing, and meet their goals in life and self-actualization.